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Course Information

Here, you will find more information on our courses including what you learn.

General Aviation


You start the course with VFR by learning basic procedures including preflight, how to start the taxi, how to use Unicom ad how to properly taxi to the runway. You then start learning takeoff procedures, how to fly a pattern and using Unicom in a pattern and landing. You will then learn what to do in the case of a stall and practice flying at low speeds.You will then start some emergency procedures, starting with rejected takeoff then going to engine failure after takeoff and go around. You will now complete and be successful in a solo flight checkride. If you pass, you have successfully passed the VFR section of this course. If you fail, you will cover the areas that need to be covered before completing another checkride. Now you move on to the IFR section of the course, starting with learning how to make a flight plan and using SIDs and STARs. You will then learn how to fly in white out conditions an dhow to use the instruments inside the cockpit to assist you. Finally you will complete the course with an IFR checkride to and from and airport in white out conditions. If you pass, you have successfully completed the IFR section of this course and have sucessfully completed the course.

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